Visit to Gisborne Secondary college

Today we went to Gisborne secondary college and we went to a drama class and we had miss K and miss megi. First we did a sound effects game were we were in a big circle and we had to go around doing wired moves and sound effects. Then we played a game were we had to line up facing backwards and a person facing forwards and we had to reenact them and guess them at the end. Lastly we did an activity were we had to make a room in a house our group did a bathroom and I was a shower.

For our second activity in art we had to make DVD floweres were we had to colour wired patterns on to it.

Our earth expo

Hey guys today we did our grade 4 expo. We lifted up quiet well but when the parents started to leave I got quiet  slow but the it got busy again I liked seeing other people’s things. I could put more props on.


img_2691 img_2698


Four coding words and definitions I have learned are

-code – to take errors (mistakes) out of a program.
-debugging – writing the lines in a program to make it work.
-program to make a computer work.
programmer – a person who writes computer code and programs
algorithm – a set of steps that are followed IN ORDER to solve a problem

My introduction

here is my introductory paragraph to my information report

its about fires!

Hey guys I’m to teach you about fires. Fires are one of the most dangerous things to happen it could make us homeless and can cause death. So stick around to hear some more problems.🕯🔥



R.I.P soldiers

Bang bang soldiers drop down like you dropping a sack of potatoes. Imagine the grief you would have felt. Heart broken devastation sorrow angry and pain! R.I.P to the soldiers who risked their lives for us.
Today we had a minute in silence respecting those who went to war and risking their lives for us.
And the we made poppies and hung them up on a tree.img_2594


Today we went on the Dyson bus for orienteering. For our first time was 15 minutes
Our second time was 13 minutes.
Our teacher came with us for the 3rd map my teacher started to sook because of one time she didn’t stamp the paper na! just joking. We didn’t finish it because do you want to know alright I will tell you it started to rain.

Learning about blindness

Connor is a 13 year old boy he loves sports.
He made a petition and he got 57,000 signatures the Reserve Bank of Australia put Braille on the banknotes .He has a app on his computer called jaws (comp program).

He decided to read Braille. He started cane skills at the age 2.he also loves rock climbing. He reads things by touching them.

Cyber safety (digital footprint)

Today we learned a number of things with Kira like
* Minecraft was 13+
* Clash of clans was 13+
* was 13+
* Snap chat 13+
* YouTube 18+ with parental guidance
And if you or someone you know is getting cyber bullied tell one of your parents or your guardians.
If you bulling someone say stop to your self and say I really need to think of others.
Here are some things to do
Turn off this
* location services
And check you privacy every 3 months
Don’t put images of people without their permission.